Skal International Singapore was founded on 17 April 1952 as Club No 102 of Skal International, a world-wide body with 25,000 members in some 90 countries. It is a non-profit group of travel industry professionals whose main aim is to foster friendship and communication among people in the travel and tourism industry.

Skal International Singapore is multi-national, non-political, non-racial, non-sectarian and non-commercial, through business links between members are encouraged.

The Club meets monthly – usually on the last Thursday of the month – in a variety of locations, at which members are welcome to bring guests.

Speakers are invited to address members on a relevant industry-related topic.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Skalleagues born in January :

04 Bockin Tuncay

31 Tan Meng Wee


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Skalleagues born in February :

02 Grafe Heinrich

22 Deakin Tom

27 Rafin Mohd K